2 or More People Set Subject

AuthorJudging sequence & TitleScore
John Humphrey27 Mending The Mural20
Emyr Williams22 Do Tell Me More!20
Brian Howard07 Budding Ballerinss20
John Humphrey03 Rock Pooling20
James McCracken35 The Finishing Line19
Rob Harley12 The Procession19
Brian Burgess05 Bumping Along18
Brian Howard29 Singing Sweeps18
Clare Long28 Studying The Form18
Hilary Moore10 Don’t Tell Them I’m Vegan18
James McCracken13 I Only Have Eyes For You18
Linda van Geene01 Not A Happy Fellow18
Rob Harley25 Inspecting The Likeness18
Steve Ballard06 She Knows A Good Colour Dad18
Ully Jorimann24 Seaside Pirates18
Brian Howard18 Missed17
Clare Long02 Colour Co Ordinated17
20 Looking And Listening17
Emyr Williams26 Witnessing The Witnesses At Work!17
Hilary Moore17 Put Your Left Leg Out Etc17
34 Four Men And Jane17
Ian Shaw14 Swearing Allegiance17
32 Catching Up17
James McCracken04 Just A Little Tweek17
John Humphrey16 Dancing In The Street17
Linda van Geene31 Do You Think He’s Seen Me17
Steve Ballard21 Fashion Icons17
Brian Burgess19 Paddle16
Emyr Williams08 There’S A Lot At Stake! By Emyr Williams16
Ian Shaw09 Waiting For The Wave16
Linda van Geene15 What’s Going On Here16
Rob Harley23 Dancing At Dawn16
Steve Ballard33 Queueing In The Rain16
Ully Jorimann30 Desert Parade16
Ully Jorimann11 A Family Outing15