Annual Awards 2020

Revised submission date 18th May

Due to the current restrictions the categories for this year’s Annual Awards will be condensed (we are not having separate categories for colour and mono) and all submissions will need to be made as projected images which will be judged remotely.

Each member may submit up to 5 projected images in each of the following 4 categories. Prints from the first part of the season converted to PIs can also be entered. Images can only be entered in one category. You can enter any images up to five years old provided that they have not been entered in any previous Annual Awards competition. You should use your Projected Image Group for your submissions.

‘Landscape’ includes seascapes and cityscapes (but not street scenes).

Studio Group image includes any images taken during studio group sessions and includes portraits.

Any image that does not fit in to categories 1-3 should be entered in category 4 (eg. abstracts, still life, street photography, etc)  

Category 1:  Best landscape image of the year (by PI group)  1st 2nd 3rd HC C

Category 2:  Best natural history image of the year. Including Fauna and Flora. (by PI group)  1st 2nd 3rd HC C

Category 3:  Best studio group image of the year 1st 2nd 3rd HC C

Category 4:  Best general image of the year (by PI group) 1st 2nd 3rd HC C 

 From all of the above will be selected:

Overall best image of the year (1st 2nd 3rd HC C) 

Your images should be named using the following convention

Cat 1/2/3/4 01 TITLE by Your Name A/B/C Year

Cat 1/2/3/4 02 TITLE by Your Name A/B/C Year


Cat4 01 STEAM TRAIN by Mike Mitchell C 2019

Please number your images 1-5 in each category.

Revised submission date 18th May

Results announced 15th June