2020-2021 Mono League 2 Results

01 Misty Ashridge by Hilary Moore

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Judge's comments: Score 16. Very atmospheric. Reasonable dynamic range. Lacks a dominant element to centralise viewer's attention.

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Full results from judge Lloyd Moore on 11 Jan 2021

GroupRankScoreAuthorJudging sequence & TitleComments
C120James McCracken28 Misty ValleysMany layers create a pleasing landscape. Letter boxing emphasises the width and there is good dynamic range. The buildings add a sense of scale and there is good details in the foreground, middle ground and sky. Well proportioned.
 219Ian Shaw15 SwanSimplicity of the repeating patterns in the water gives an effective backdrop. Good feather detail in the swan, which is well positioned in the frame. Negative space enhances minimalist image.
 317James McCracken03 Evie In WonderlandEnjoyable composition with interesting narrative. Very grainy, which may be intentional but detracts from the overall appeal.
 416Peter Cotton06 Storm Clouds GatheringSimple yet interesting composition with good sky detail. Halo around the branch lets the image down slightly.
 416Peter Cotton22 I Only Bought It On SundayGreat capture but the narrowness of the tonal range means that the sunken boat is competing with the other elements. Would probably present better in colour.
 416Ian Shaw34 Weathered OakShape, patterns and textures are important elements in a good monochrome image, all of which are evident here. Image does not hold the interest after initial viewing so probably needs an additional element.
 416Hilary Moore01 Misty AshridgeVery atmospheric. Reasonable dynamic range. Lacks a dominant element to centralise viewer’s attention.
 416Hilary Moore19 A Strange PerspectiveCute composition and a degree of humour. Care must be taken not to allow the elements to merge into each other when shooting in monochrome.
 416Lai Chan16 Waddesdon ManorDifficult lighting conditions have been well handled. Author has managed to capture outside detail in the window as well as interior. Very busy, however and the table decoration is lost somewhat.
 416Lai Chan30 Durdle DoorGood dynamic range and sky detail. Canoeists are almost lost and there is a halo particularly on the underside of the arch.
 1115Emyr Williams13 The ChurchThe negative space creates a certain tension. High contrast and straight lines work well but the extreme noise is off-putting. Top of the spire is very close to the top of the frame.
 1115Emyr Williams26 The Friendly GoatherdCharacterful face enhanced by monochrome. Bright spots are a little distracting and the image is slightly soft. Backlighting is pleasing however.
B119Jim Turner04 Frozen WastelandSharp from front to back. Good amount of contrast between the dark and lighter areas. Sufficient detail in the foreground and moodiness of the sky adds to the appeal. The sky above the mountain is not particularly interesting so would consider cropping from the top.
 217Brian Howard12 Large Cactus DahliaPleasing detail in the petals. Good specimen gives good shape. Feels a little unbalanced by sitting just right of centre. Square crop with the flower central would help.
 316Mike Mitchell11 Monastery GardenThe dome is well framed by the arch but the image feels unbalanced by the dominant pillars to the right. Softer light later in the day would reduce the harshness of the sun.
 316Mike Mitchell25 DesolationHarsh grittiness creates the feeling of abandonment. Detail lacking in the sky and the image does not hold the attention after initial viewing. Monochrome is the perfect medium for this. 
 316Philip Byford05 The Church By The BridgeWell exposed and decent composition. Is the dominant element the tower or the arch? Mono is probably not the best medium as the narrow tonal range means that all elements are competing with each other.
 316Philip Byford29 Old Church Roof LinesJust enough sky detail to be interesting but not detract from the buildings. Roof lines create a variety of shapes and there is good texture in the walls and roof. Hint of a halo between the roof and sky and the lower roof is quite looming.
 316Richard Anthony09 Across The Lake At StoweHigh contrast gives the image vibrancy and impact but feels over sharpened. The building is getting lost amongst the rest of the image. Might present better in colour.
 316Richard Anthony27 Getting Into A Flap Because People Are On My TerritorySwan is well positioned and is displaying behaviour. However, it feels ‘stuck on’ as there are some harsh outlines, particularly around the neck and wings.
 316Jim Turner31 The BeaconThe clouds have the appearance of emanating from the pole, so well captured by the author. The slither of land at the bottom is intriguing and taken from an interesting perspective. Very noisy, however and another image that might present better in colour, especially if the clouds had a flame red appearance.
 1014Brian Howard20 RebbecaTight crop creates a connection between the model and the audience. Unfortunately the image is soft throughout, which reduces skin texture and there are bright areas on the tip of the nose, bridge and forehead. 
A120John Marshall18 Fully ChargedThe pose and lighting makes for an enjoyable and sympathetic art nude. Good skin detail with an intriguing narrative.
 120Rob Harley21 Saucy Postcard AnitaCharacter of the model is evident with the cheeky smile, completely in keeping with the sauciness of the lingerie. Sepia adds to the old postcard effect.
 319John Humphrey24 Glass Of SmokeSimple yet effective capture. Smoke creates an intriguing pattern and the reflection in the glass has been well handled. Image appears to be floating so a little floor detail would help.
 319Vicky Sinclair32 Snowy LaneHigh key image with just enough detail to keep the audience interested. Would work better as a print but clever capture all the same.
 518Linda van Geene17 The JordanianMonochrome adds to the grittiness of the character. Differential focus creates separation between the model and the background. Would consider taking the contrast down a little. A catchlight in the eyes would bring them to life.
 518Sue Case33 A Wet WhippetAction shot competently captured. Spray of water from the tail and around the mouth and legs add an additional element. Eyes a little dark and narrow tonal range means that the dog is competing with the background somewhat.
 717John Marshall07 Beauty And The BeadsSide lighting adds depth. Despite facing away from us there is sufficient detail in the model’s face in profile. Would prefer the beads to have more flow to emphasise the womanly curves rather than hanging straight down. The beads between the buttocks is awkward. Imaginative pose.
 717Linda van Geene23 City WallsWell composed with the building and trees creating a diagonal from bottom left to top right. Some sky detail and textures in the walls and foliage are evident. Halo around the wall, particularly on the top right and the light is a little harsh. Good dynamic range.
 717Rob Harley10 SeashoreDual impact, firstly with the bird in flight and then the intriguing patterns of the wave against the shoreline. Lighting quite harsh but image has texture, patterns, shapes, which go to make a good mono image.
 1016John Humphrey08 Dark WoodImaginative use of infra red or similar. Needs a dominant element to lift the overall appeal.
 1016Sue Case02 StackedInteresting perspective. Good dynamic range making the mono ‘pop’. Needs an interesting central element.
 1016Vicky Sinclair14 Reflective MoodHigh contrast and dynamic range creates an impactful image. Might consider reducing the clarity as feels over sharpened. The reflection is pleasing but the reflection in the water doesn’t match the sky.