2020-2021 PI League 3 Results

01 Cutting Edge Tech The Victorian Way by Linda van Geene

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Judge's comments: Score 16. Good detail/exposure in engine. Men on left too close to edge need angles to improve comp.

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Full results from judge Alan Taberer on 30 Nov 2020

GroupRankScoreAuthorJudging sequence & TitleComments
C120Emyr Williams20 Pylon In BlueSimple and well seen, great lines shapes and lighting. Really enjoyed. Great effort.
 218Jim Turner32 The Eyes Have ItWell seen – pardon the pun. Great focus – pardon the second pun would have really loved someone looking through these. Enjoy this one.
 317Peter Cotton12 Cranes At St PancrasGreat idea, subject may have been tempted to make red a bit more vibrant but really liking the shapes.
 317Jim Turner05 Silvery ScalesBirmingham Bull Ring. Interesting viewpoint, pattern form and flowing line.
 514Emyr Williams07 Adriatic Fishing TechnologyFishing jetty, hard to find good focal point, would have been tempted to get to water level to get a more dynamic image of shapes beware of edges.
 514Peter Cotton18 Diamonds Are ForeverI would have struggled to identify these as diamonds initialy, unfortunately light is not your friend with this very flat with no sparkle. No idea of scale presuming ultra macro?
B120Richard Anthony13 Loen SkyliftFabulous monochrome, perhaps slightly more contrast but very minor point, positioning of cable car just spot on. Well done fabulous image.
 218Hilary Moore17 Singapore TowerAnother monochrome, author has used a creative viewpoint and zoomed in on this struture to highlight the form and support of the dishes. Well seen.
 317Brian Howard27 Ferrari Wheel And Brake ShoeOnce again hone in on detail of this brake caliper great texture of rubber. Additional lumination on brake disc (e.g. from LED torch) would have worked/improved shot.
 317Linda van Geene24 Is The Projector ReadyInteresting projector liking textures metal/wood. Try to bring exposure down on back walls.
 317Richard Anthony21 Ship Shapes Communication Housings And MastHigh tech communications/radar. Difficult to add something different other than where taken from.
 616Brian Howard16 V. W. EngineNice clean engine – better than my VW! Hard to add additional interest other than 7 up can being a novelty. Ultra wide angle or fish eye in close would bring some creativity.
 616Linda van Geene01 Cutting Edge Tech The Victorian WayGood detail/exposure in engine. Men on left too close to edge need angles to improve comp.
 616Mike Mitchell11 Don’t Lean OutLondon Tower bridge and buildings good focal point, quite like the light on metal tubes but would have croped to these to bring all interst to centre of image.
 616Philip Byford22 Marlow Suspension BridgeMarlow bridge, I have hundreds of photos of this bridge. I would have lost 45% of left hand side to concentrate on the ironwork and shadows.
 616Sue Case23 Three Little BoatsThree small fishing boats loosing detail exposure (over). Bring horizon down by about an 1″ to emphasise letterbox more. Bathroom picture. Commercial value.
 1115Hilary Moore19 Entrance To Neolithic Burial ChamberSome some good textures in rocks and plants but erring on the side of natural history rather than technology
 1214Mike Mitchell31 The Thing That Makes The Whatsit Go RoundMechanical part of engine? Unfortuneatly lighting very 2D less would have been more.
 1214Philip Byford08 Aldbury ChurchStained glass window image easily replicated, difficult exposure. Tempted to get really close to glass and lead flashing for a more dynamic treatment.
 1214Sue Case03 Beyrl BikeMonochrome, not sharp anywhere, perhaps better if got in closer and slected small area to photograph
A119Rob Harley33 River Control And River PatrolFab lighting on this to really show the metalic texture in the shrouds. The yellow of the cranes stand out beautifully. The boat is an added bonus. Actually I think the image works well with or without the boat. Great effort.
 119Ully Jorimann10 Ferrari 599 In Modena YellowGood detail/exposure/color. Great example of selective capture of interesting lines and shapes. Great shot well seen.
 119Ully Jorimann26 Vertical Vista Or Is itInteresting structure bordering on organic due to shapes. Liking the colour slight blowout on LH side. Great image well seen.
 418James McCracken34 Wet Rialto Market At MidnightTechnically a great photo but a little short on the definition of technology.
 418Vicky Sinclair14 Down The LinesSimple yet well observed, would have scored higher if removed 25% of sky on left would improve overall nice spot.
 617John Marshall29 Pens Ancient And ModernAnother still life, gerat combination of old/new technologies all objects linked by pen but where is the ink for the quill!!!  Its the only element missing that enables the object to work. Good effort
 716John Humphrey06 Havana CarsLike letterbox crop, pink a little too dominant, colour spot (Yellow).  Tempted to crop left by 45% to improve composition.
 716John Humphrey25 BulbVery simple shot which works but need something added to make it different form any other bulb of this type shot. If backlit need to make surrounding darker in order to emphasise.
 716John Marshall15 JobsworthStill life, great idea mixing the logo’s in real life, needs more creative work on lighting and placement. Keep doing more of please.
 716Rob Harley09 Rutland Water Reservoir Around Normanton ChurchComposition reasonably good, lighting favorable, do not need ducks crop 20% off bottom to focus attention.
 716Ian Shaw30 Designer ScaffoldPossibly attracted by the shapes and colour. Like the angle used though.
 1215Ian Shaw02 Fishing Floats At AxemouthNeeds crop at bottom to balance image. Interesting viewpoint/shape but lacks punch
 1215James McCracken04 Built To Last…400 Years AgoBridge over river at nightfall. Correct timing needs a more interesting focal point.
 1215Vicky Sinclair28 Mobile ReflectionsGreat idea but lost in execution. Would a colour picture of the reflection have been more creative? Yes certainly. Keep this idea going and keep on doing this.