Submissions for Annual Awards 2020-2021

Hemel Hempstead Photographic Society: Annual Awards for season 2020-2021

Due to the current restrictions the categories for this year’s Annual Awards have been condensed in the same way they were for last season, 2019-2020, hence we are not having separate categories for colour and mono. All submissions are being made as projected images. Images will be judged remotely.

There is no age limit on when entries were captured.

As usual, images must not have been submitted in the same competition in any previous season. However, images may have been submitted (and placed) in any other competition (including leagues) in this or previous seasons.

Your Projected Image (PI) League Group for your submissions will be used automatically. Each member may submit up to 5 projected images in each of the following 4 categories (each image can only be entered in one category):

  • Category 1:  Best landscape image of the year (by PI group): 1st 2nd 3rd HC C
    • HC = Highly Commended, C = Commended
    • Landscapes include seascapes and cityscapes (but not street scenes)
    • (NB this includes this season’s PI Set Subject 1, Landscapes)
  • Category 2:  Best natural history image of the year (by PI group): 1st 2nd 3rd HC C
    • Natural history includes both flora and fauna
    • (NB this includes PI Set Subject 2, Flora and Fauna)
  • Category 3:  Best studio image of the year (all PI Groups together): 1st 2nd 3rd HC C
  • Category 4:  Best general image of the year (by PI group): 1st 2nd 3rd HC C 
    • Any image that does not fit into categories 1-3 should be entered into category 4
      (e.g. abstracts, still life, street photography).
    • (NB this includes PI Set Subjects:
      • 3, Technology
      • 4, Candid People and Street Photography
      • 5, Creative)

Overall best image of the year (1st 2nd 3rd HC C)

  • Selected from all of the above

Images should be emailed to Rob Harley on by the end of Mon 24 May.

Last year the acting Competition Secretary received 250 images for this competition. The automated spreadsheets used to process all these files WILL NOT WORK with invalid filenames (for example, the 9th character is taken to be the start of the Title; also, the string “ by ” signifies the end of the title and the start of the Author). Consequently images with invalid filenames WILL BE REJECTED – the Competition Secretary simply does not have time to correct needless errors. Likewise oversized files WILL BE REJECTED. If the deadline allows, Members will be invited to correct and re-submit rejected images.

File sizes must be a maximum of 1600 pixels width and a maximum of 1200 pixels height.

Filenames must be in the following format:

  • Cat9-PP Title in Proper Case by Author.jpg
    • Where the 9 is your category number 1, 2, 3 or 4
    • And where PP is your preference 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05
    • Proper Case simply means starting each word with a capital letter
    • The “ by ” before author MUST be in lower case and have a space on each side (otherwise it will be considered part of the Title)
    • Author is your first name, a single space and your surname
    • e.g. Cat2-05 Poppies And Barley by Jim Turner.jpg
  • Please ensure you get the following right – we do not want to have images rejected
    • Use a hyphen after the Category number, not an underscore
    • Avoid any characters after the Author. For example, do not include a space or “B 2019” or “edited 1” or “ copy”.
    • Ensure the first space is just before the Title (not the first character of the filename or within the Cat9-PP)
    • Make sure all spaces are only a single space
    • The file extension must be .jpg or .JPG (not e.g. variations like .jpeg)