Summer Photo Challenge

Judging sequence & TitleScoreAuthorComments
01 Young Sparrow16Vicky Sinclair
02 Summer Dahlia18Ully Jorimann
03 Lakeside Reflections20Mike Mitchell
04 Peacock ButterflyIan ShawNot scored as by Ian
05 A Sign Of The Times15Richard Anthony
06 Pop Goes The Weasel19Linda van Geene
07 Coming To Get You19John Humphrey
08 Three Dogs Doing Diddly Squat (Cotswold )17Lai Chan
09 Moth Eaten17Gary Oldham
10 Brassica Art Study IV16Emyr Williams
11 Ancient And Modern16Philip Byford
12 Fast Not Always Best15Steve Ballard
13 My Poor Aching Feet16Hilary Moore
14 Derbyshire Peak District18Rob Harley
15 The New R.R. Wheel16Brian Howard
16 Devon Beach18John Humphrey
17 A Trip Back To The Sixties!16Emyr Williams
18 Austrian Evening17Vicky Sinclair
19 Things May Get Better20Rob Harley
20 The Wood Pile16Richard Anthony
21 Canada Place18Steve Ballard
22 High Tide At Blakeney19Mike Mitchell
23 River Reflection16Ully Jorimann
24 Reflection Of Church Stained Glass15Philip Byford
25 The Bells17Brian Howard
26 A Spotted Visitor14Hilary Moore
27 Boy In The GardenIan ShawNot scored as by Ian
28 Sailing To The Lock16Linda van Geene
29 See Through15Gary Oldham