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A gentle yet moody picture that takes full advantage of the reflection of the mast. The mist provides a graduated recession into the distance and simplifies the picture.

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5th Colour Print Competition
19Blue and whiteVicky SinclairA20It’s hard to sometimes to quantify the appeal a picture has for me. Graphic simplicity perhaps? A sketch like effect? An enigmatic quality? Certainly the balanced composition conveys a sense of equilibrium. All I know is I love it!
6Gentle start to the dayRob HarleyA19Amazing how obscuring 80% of the content can give a picture extra appeal. The dusting of birds across the picture, unobscured as they are by the mist, are all the subject matter we need.
28Rust PatternsJohn HumphreyA19This is a delightful fantasy, a work of the imagination. And we are invited to enter this fantasy world. The title may say rust patterns but I sure each of us will see what our own imagination conjures up.
13Pears under gauzeJohn HumphreyA18I like the effect created by the gauze, it’s fine creative thinking. It is a step back from reality and towards abstraction. I think perhaps, the pears should be separated somewhat from the folds that surround them so as to increase that sense of abstraction. A good picture but still a work in progress perhaps.
16TangledJohn MarshallA18This is a very good figure study showing considerable studio skills in the lighting. The rope is a cunning compositional ploy that suggests a line of eye travel other than the rather lovely model.
11MatchingVicky SinclairA17Once again the photographers eye spots something that adds to and balances the composition. Ones eye has to adjust to the out of focus background although if hadn’t have been so I would probably said soften it.
27RoseanneRob HarleyA17More fine studio work with expert lighting. Just look at the beautiful detail in her hair. Less attractive is the garment she has chosen to wear off shoulder. I think the picture works better as just head and shoulders with the lower third of the picture cropped off.
32Chive flowerJohn MarshallA17Stark against the black background the bloom is presented as a botanical specimen.
20Does a quick snack countGraham FordB20Apart from the lack of a species name for natural history purposes, I can only say “Perfick innit?”
4Dinner for twoGraham FordB18This is a very good natural history shot, although it would need the Latin name to qualify as such. However it is strongly pictorial and an appealing image nonetheless. (When I saw the title my first thought was “Spike Jones – Cocktails for Two” By a weird coincidence the next day someone I know posted a link to that Spike Jones record on Facebook.)
12Norwegian sceneRichard AnthonyB18At first site I thought the greenery at the bottom was a distraction but it does in fact invigorate the scene which has rather a low light level. It allows us enjoy that moody sky and the reflections in the lake with our eye firmly locked in by that greenery.
21Helibore after the showerRichard AnthonyB17A lovely sparkle is added to this close-up by the raindrops. A minor quibble I know but my eye is drawn through that gap on the right. It needs darkening down bit.
23LookoutG HutchinsonB17Thanks to an advertising campaign meercats are now much loved by us all. You can make up your own voiceover to this with I suspect, a Russian accent.
5Evening Cruise through MaidenheadPhilip ByfordB16Good composition aided by sensible cropping although is not quite enough to make this picture competitive in this competition. Gentle and relaxed though it is it needs a little more vitality and sparkle.
24Marlow church between the treesPhilip ByfordB16A very straight forward church picture but it does have lots of lovely detai that is clearly delineated.
7GiraffeG HutchinsonB15Such sad eyes in this giraffe portrait. Photographically there are one or two problems; the burnt out highlights on the head need dealing with, the face needs lightening somewhat and the background darkening a little more.
2Held together with stringLinda van GeeneC20A wonderful exploration of textures and dereliction. I did wonder if the clouds were a distraction but then thought they do make it look as if the tank is boiling over!
9Happy thoughtsBrian HowardC20Such an excellently rendered portrait can only delight. The quality of the shadowless lighting and the close crop convey a beguiling intimacy.
31Slipper orchidIan ShawC19There is something very sci-fi about this flower. It is saying “Take me to your leader.” But a gentle luminosity imbues the picture and reassures us.
1A cold October morningSue CaseC19A gentle yet moody picture that takes full advantage of the reflection of the mast. The mist provides a graduated recession into the distance and simplifies the picture.
15Waiting for the callLinda van GeeneC19Glowing resplendently in spite of it’s well weathered condition, it is fine example of why such vehicles should not always be restored to sparkling newness but retain their working character.
22Jewish memorial and railway jetty AlmeriaEmyr WilliamsC18This is a bit of a tease because the Jewish memorial is reduced to a line of posts when it is a forest of 142 such posts but the shadows convey its message. Still, I would love to have seen more of it. The jetty however is resplendent against the vivid blue sky.
25Orange TipPeter CottonC18Inherently pictorial, butterflies are nature’s art palette. This has lots of lovely detail on the wings. There is just a slight softening of focus on the antennae but the pictorial appeal is uncompromised.
26RalphieSue CaseC18Very high on the “aah” factor this one. Certainly a lovely baby and very well photographed too.
14Three cowsIan ShawC17Well choreographed and the slight blur on the nose of the middle cow lends a sense of movement and immediacy.
8Golden autumnMike MitchellC17This is a pleasingly rustic scene that is embellished by the cascade of russet and gold that the tree is shedding.
10I’ve just seen a facePeter CottonC17Ah yes, the photographers eye allert to the possibilities. A very different face to the previous picture, in fact the worse case of acne I I’ve seen in a long time. Well spotted (no pun intended) and well recorded.
17A study in spicesEmyr WilliamsC17Mondrian in the kitchen perhaps? Could be simplified by taking off the left hand edge perhaps but good creative thinking none the less.
29SelfiePaul WinslowC17I certainly like the idea although I wish the left hand edge of the globe were in shot and if possible the photographer could eliminate them self from the reflection.
30Side view of a large ball dahliaBrian HowardC17A simple and straightforward picture of a lovely flower.
18Autumn puddleMike MitchellC16just for a moment I thought we were still in the kitchen! But no, someone has spotted the potential of leaves in a puddle. The reflection on the water does reduce the effect somewhat as it confuses the eye. Although the right half of the image could stand on its own.
3A wet day in GwentPaul WinslowC15Nothing like a drop of rain to help a townscape along although it is a rather messy image that does need some squaring up. The tramlines piqued my interest though.