Annual Awards 2020 – Results

Gentle Start To The Day by Rob Harley

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Judge's comments: Score 18. Commended in category. Does what the title says and gives a real air of tranquility. Well done.

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Here are the placed images for the 2019-2020 season. Well done to all involved:

CategoryOverall PlacingsAuthorTitleScore
Overall Winners1stJim TurnerUnfurling20
 2ndRob HarleyOffice Space20
 3rdPeter CottonUp On The Roof20
 Highly CommendedLinda van GeeneI Can’t Quite Reach It20
 CommendedJim TurnerLuminous Decay20
Cat1: Landscapes1stSue CaseMist And Masts19
 2ndRichard AnthonySun, Sky, Sea, Sand And Silhouettes19
 3rdJim TurnerSnow Storm, Norway19
 Highly CommendedMike MitchellPassengers No More18
 CommendedRob HarleyGentle Start To The Day18
Cat2: Natural History1stJim TurnerUnfurling20
 2ndLinda van GeeneI Can’t Quite Reach It20
 3rdJim TurnerLuminous Decay20
 Highly CommendedLinda van GeeneStaying Close To Mum19
 Highly CommendedVicky SinclairChubby Squirrel19
 CommendedRob HarleyAnimal Behaviour19
 Commented onRichard AnthonyHoverfly On Crocosmia19
Cat3: Studio Images1stRob HarleyAlan19
 2ndJohn MarshallAttitude Effacee Derriere19
 3rdDavid GuestOutside19
 Highly CommendedRob HarleyChair Lady18
 CommendedRob HarleyNo Monk18
Cat4: Other1stPeter CottonUp On The Roof20
 2ndRob HarleyOffice Space20
 3rdPeter CottonSand Impressions19
 Highly CommendedSue CaseDawn Of A New Day19
 CommendedPhilip ByfordBabbling Brook19

Here is the full list of images, authors and scores. Thanks to everyone who put in entries.

Places were awarded for each of the 4 categories and also overall.
Key for Places: HC = Highly Commended; C = Commended; Com’t = Commented on.
The categories were: 1 = Landscapes, 2 = Natural History, 3 = Studio Images, 4 = Other.

No.CatGroupTitleAuthorScoreCat PlaceOverall
11AGentle Start To The DayRob Harley18C 
21AThe Royal Tombs Of PetraUlly Jorimann15  
31ALondon SkylineJohn Humphrey17  
41AA Different View Towards The MerseyRob Harley16  
51ASingaporeJohn Marshall16  
61ALittle India SingaporeJohn Marshall15  
71AAshridge MistJohn Humphrey18  
81AThe Long Way Down To Point ReyesUlly Jorimann15  
91AAsh TreeJohn Humphrey14  
101AMist In The ValleyJim Turner17  
111ASnow Storm, NorwayJim Turner193rd 
121ASingapore SkylineJohn Marshall15  
131ATynesideRob Harley16  
141ALady Musgrave IslandJohn Marshall16  
151AWadi Rum VistaUlly Jorimann17  
161AEverglades ForestUlly Jorimann15  
171AThe Passage Of Phantasmal LightJim Turner18  
181AAutumn LightJim Turner17  
191ACraig Coch Dam, Top Of Elan ValleyRob Harley17  
201ABrisbane SkylineJohn Marshall16  
211ACrater Lake ReflectionUlly Jorimann18  
221ARiver StormJohn Humphrey16  
231ANot Quite TuscanyJim Turner17  
241ANormanton Church, Rutland WaterRob Harley17  
251AThames ViewJohn Humphrey16  
261BCrop FieldPhilip Byford17  
271BImmensityVicky Sinclair16  
281BFrom Ship Toward ShoreRichard Anthony16  
291BHutsVicky Sinclair17  
301BBeach HutsBrian Howard16  
311BLake View From Mt Hoven, NorwayRichard Anthony17  
321BIt Was A Long TunnelPeter Cotton16  
331BGarden And River At ClivedenIan Shaw16  
341BSunlight On The MeadowIan Shaw16  
351BSummer Evening In PolzeathIan Shaw17  
361BLondon From The ShardBrian Howard18  
371BCanal MarinaPhilip Byford15  
381BAustriaVicky Sinclair15  
391BPeace At LastPeter Cotton17  
401BGodafoss Waterfall, IcelandRichard Anthony17  
411BSt. Paul’s From The ShardBrian Howard16  
421BBournemouth BeachPeter Cotton16  
431BSun, Sky, Sea, Sand And SilhouettesRichard Anthony192nd 
441BRiver Thames In IrPhilip Byford17  
451BDusk Over RibblesdaleIan Shaw18  
461BA Photo At SunsetPhilip Byford16  
471BAfter SunsetPhilip Byford16  
481BTower Bridge From The ShardBrian Howard16  
491BSt AndrewsVicky Sinclair16  
501BGrand TetonPeter Cotton18  
511BA Patch Of BluebellsBrian Howard16  
521BQueenstownPeter Cotton17  
531BReykjavik, IcelandRichard Anthony18  
541BEnjoying The ViewVicky Sinclair15  
551CWild WestDavid Guest18  
561CSunshine And ShadowsMike Mitchell17  
571CJewish Memorial And Railway Jetty, AlmeriaEmyr Williams16  
581CWindy BayEmyr Williams16  
591CSilhouette At SunsetDavid Guest15  
601CThere’s A Storm Brewing!Emyr Williams16  
611CGalileeDavid Guest15  
621CPassengers No MoreMike Mitchell18HC 
631CThe BirdsMike Mitchell16  
641CA Line In The SandDavid Guest17  
651CTarn HowsMike Mitchell17  
661CDovedaleLinda van Geene16  
671CCourtyard Reflection, Buckingham PalaceDavid Guest16  
681CParliament Building BudapestMike Mitchell17  
691CGloomy Old Day Again, Isn’t It!Emyr Williams15  
701CLizard Log ViewEmyr Williams17  
711CMist And MastsSue Case191st 
721CMasts At SunsetSue Case17  
732ABugs BewareJohn Marshall16  
742AWaterlily DahliaUlly Jorimann18  
752AUnfurlingJim Turner201st1: 1st
762APoppies And BarleyJim Turner17  
772ARed Kite Flying FreeRob Harley18  
782ADroopy ThistleUlly Jorimann17  
792AIbis PairJohn Marshall15  
802ARed Kite SoaringRob Harley18  
812AAquelegiaJohn Marshall18  
822ADouble PeonyUlly Jorimann16  
832ADahlia BitsyUlly Jorimann15  
842AAnimal BehaviourRob Harley19C 
852AGreater KnapweedJohn Humphrey18  
862AFlaming FlowerRob Harley17  
872APainted LadyJohn Marshall15  
882APastel DahliaUlly Jorimann17  
892AHelleboreJohn Marshall16  
902AAlertRob Harley17  
912AJawsJim Turner18  
922ADragonflyJohn Humphrey17  
932ADelphiniumJohn Humphrey17  
942ASweet PeaJohn Humphrey16  
952ATulipJohn Humphrey17  
962ALuminous DecayJim Turner203rd5: C
972APale BlueJim Turner18  
982BDove In The WoodsVicky Sinclair16  
992BBarnacle GooseIan Shaw17  
1002BHoverfly On CrocosmiaRichard Anthony19Com’t 
1012BNot For Sharing (Goshawk)Graham Ford17  
1022BCool TurkeyIan Shaw16  
1032BNuthatch With A Quick SnackGraham Ford18  
1042BLarge Ball DhaliaBrian Howard17  
1052BComfortVicky Sinclair18  
1062BShall We DancePhilip Byford16  
1072BEvening ReflectionsVicky Sinclair17  
1082BReeds & ReflectionsPhilip Byford18  
1092BWho Am I, What Am IPeter Cotton17  
1102BSolorized Schumack LeafRichard Anthony17  
1112BA Messy Eater (Great Spotted Woodpecker)Graham Ford18  
1122BSwanRichard Anthony16  
1132BFaded BloomRichard Anthony17  
1142BHelibore After The ShowerRichard Anthony16  
1152BProud PeacockPeter Cotton17  
1162BBroad Bodied ChaserIan Shaw17  
1172BDinner For Two (Danaus Plexippus)Graham Ford16  
1182BGreat Tit Waiting To FeedBrian Howard16  
1192BTattered WingPeter Cotton16  
1202BA White DahliaPhilip Byford17  
1212BChubby SquirrelVicky Sinclair19HC 
1222BA Dandilion Seed In The WindBrian Howard17  
1232BGrassPhilip Byford17  
1242BA Deceased TreePhilip Byford17  
1252BBee And BorageIan Shaw17  
1262BRose Bud In The SunBrian Howard16  
1272BThe Pollen HunterBrian Howard15  
1282BUnder The WingVicky Sinclair16  
1292BOrange TipPeter Cotton17  
1302BDon’t Worry I’ll Get Over YouPeter Cotton16  
1312CPalm FrondsDavid Guest16  
1322CRuddy DarterLinda van Geene15  
1332CSwans At SlimbridgeMike Mitchell15  
1342CThe End Of SummerMike Mitchell16  
1352CPoppies After MonetMike Mitchell16  
1362CI Can’t Quite Reach ItLinda van Geene202nd4: HC
1372CStill Life With GourdsMike Mitchell17  
1382CSea AnemoneDavid Guest16  
1392CBlue DragonflyDavid Guest17  
1402COrange DelightMike Mitchell16  
1412CSand Crab At HomeDavid Guest16  
1422CStaying Close To MumLinda van Geene19HC 
1432CHolding OnDavid Guest17  
1442CI Left Her Here SomewhereLinda van Geene16  
1452CDon’t Stick Your Tongue Out At MeLinda van Geene17  
1462CNew Life In The Old QuarrySue Case15  
1473APlaybackJohn Marshall16  
1483ACan You Spare A DimeJohn Marshall18  
1493CAlan_3Linda van Geene16  
1503BRoseanneBrian Howard16  
1513CThinking About ItLinda van Geene16  
1523AFriendshipUlly Jorimann16  
1533ARachelle Playing The SaxRob Harley17  
1543ALottieUlly Jorimann15  
1553AAlan_1Rob Harley191st 
1563AAttitude Effacee DerriereJohn Marshall192nd 
1573ARebecca RelaxedUlly Jorimann16  
1583ACatching The LightRob Harley17  
1593CAngeliqueDavid Guest17  
1603AAlan_2Ully Jorimann16  
1613ARoseanne_2John Marshall17  
1623CMe That ‘Ave Been What I’Ve BeenDavid Guest16  
1633BWhere’s He GoneBrian Howard16  
1643CAre You ComingLinda van Geene17  
1653AChair LadyRob Harley18HC 
1663ANo MonkRob Harley18C 
1673BThe Buttons Come OffBrian Howard16  
1683BHappy ThoughtsBrian Howard18  
1693BThe Hairy BuskerBrian Howard17  
1703COutsideDavid Guest193rd 
1713COld RockerLinda van Geene17  
1723CGraceful LeapLinda van Geene18  
1733CDark BlondeDavid Guest17  
1743CThese Boots Are Made For WalkiesDavid Guest18  
1753AThinking Outside Of The BoxJohn Marshall17  
1764ASugar Cane Train In BundabergJohn Marshall16  
1774ASheer ScaleRob Harley17  
1784ASoap BubbleJohn Humphrey17  
1794ANew YorkJohn Humphrey17  
1804ADisplay BasketJim Turner16  
1814ARust PatternsJohn Humphrey16  
1824ADaily PrayerRob Harley15  
1834ABrompton CemeteryJohn Humphrey15  
1844AA PropositionJim Turner16  
1854AOffice SpaceRob Harley202nd2: 2nd
1864AStarry Starry RoofUlly Jorimann18  
1874AWindsurfer Coming HomeJohn Marshall16  
1884AOverhead EleganceUlly Jorimann17  
1894APattern And TextureRob Harley17  
1904ADesert Ghost TownUlly Jorimann16  
1914AOne Hundred Pearl StreetUlly Jorimann18  
1924AOut Of The WoodJohn Marshall16  
1934ASingapore MerlionJohn Marshall17  
1944AThe MatrixRob Harley16  
1954AAston Martin ReflectionUlly Jorimann17  
1964AScissor Arch, Wells CathedralJim Turner15  
1974APeacock LightsJohn Marshall15  
1984AGlass Of WineJohn Humphrey18  
1994BBabbling BrookPhilip Byford19C 
2004BUp On The RoofPeter Cotton201st3: 3rd
2014BThe Opera House, BuxtonRichard Anthony18  
2024BGhosts Of EdinburghVicky Sinclair16  
2034BAfter The RainVicky Sinclair17  
2044BInter-Planetary SpacescapeIan Shaw16  
2054BUp In The EavesPeter Cotton18  
2064BWhen I’m Cleaning WindowsPeter Cotton17  
2074BHey You – Who MeBrian Howard18  
2084BFire BallBrian Howard15  
2094BUp To The CathedralVicky Sinclair17  
2104BSpiral Staircase With Central Feature LightRichard Anthony16  
2114BCastle Gatehouse WindowPhilip Byford17  
2124BArum SpiralIan Shaw16  
2134BArcade – BuxtonRichard Anthony15  
2144BGossoms End BridgeIan Shaw16  
2154BTable TopRichard Anthony18  
2164BIn Loving MemoryPhilip Byford15  
2174BPool MountainsVicky Sinclair16  
2184BThorseby HallRichard Anthony17  
2194BFork ‘n’ CandleBrian Howard18  
2204BReflections In Battle Bridge LaneBrian Howard15  
2214BA Chapel In Great Gaddesden ChurchPhilip Byford15  
2224BChurchyard ReflectionsPhilip Byford16  
2234BSand ImpressionsPeter Cotton193rd 
2244BPlastic Makes Me CrossPeter Cotton17  
2254BBlue And WhiteVicky Sinclair18  
2264BWirescape With JackdawIan Shaw14  
2274BShock HorrorBrian Howard17  
2284CGoing The DistanceDavid Guest17  
2294CWaiting For The CallLinda van Geene16  
2304CHeld Together With StringLinda van Geene17  
2314CMe And My ShadowMike Mitchell17  
2324CGo On, Sweetheart, Please Give Us A KissEmyr Williams17  
2334CThe Circles Of Your MindMike Mitchell16  
2344CHappy Hour PerhapsEmyr Williams16  
2354CFor The ManyDavid Guest16  
2364CTriumphDavid Guest17  
2374CBedouin Coffee BreakLinda van Geene17  
2384CStill LivesEmyr Williams17  
2394CStill SurvivingEmyr Williams16  
2404CGalle FishermanLinda van Geene16  
2414CHave You Got A Ticket LaddieMike Mitchell16  
2424CPerfectly Plump PorchiniEmyr Williams17  
2434CReady To GoMike Mitchell17  
2444CSurf And SprayDavid Guest17  
2454CCome Buy My FishLinda van Geene16  
2464CTen Past OneMike Mitchell15  
2474CA Memory Of ChildhoodDavid Guest17  
2484CDawn Of A New DaySue Case19HC 
2494CSunflowersSue Case17